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Eva Green - press

'Swinging Carols' Rzseczpospolita

'Christmas Concert' – as the concert has been called by its organizers, it nothing else but recital of popular jazz vocalist Eva Green, accompanied on the piano by Jarosław Małys. They both are in the circle of our native jazz stars with a established renown. They superbly feel the blues as well as deftly and brilliantly improvise. Cybulska is undoubtedly one of our most interesting artists specializing in Latino climates. Her beautiful voice with Ivan Lins's compositions, romantic Bossa Novas is probably the most interesting record of this type on the Polish market.

Announcement of concert in Clematis Street Theatre in West Palm Beach

Saxophonist - Peter Chesli and composer - Eva Alford (names used during their performance on Florida) will perform on the 22nd March. They are both Polish, who before coming to States have been valued in their country. Both of them also continue their jazz studies on the University of Miami and gain recognition in jazz stage of south Florida.

'Swinging Love' – Saint Valentine's Day Gazeta Wyborcza

Janusz Muniak is a master of moody ballads and ethereal phrases. This brilliant saxophonist seems to be the perfect artist to grace the lovers day with jazz phrases. There will be a special guest – Eva Green – a popular vocalist famous for impeccable interpreting of swinging standards, the master of jazz in Latino convention. The titled of the artists' joint program was 'Jazz Love Ballads'. After six instrumental concerts here come the time for singing jazz.

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