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Eva Green - discography

After returning to Poland Eva was recording under her maiden name Ewa Cybulska.

Love Dance

Eva Green - Love Dance

The record might as well be called "From Love to Music". Why? Everything, starting form the compositions and later on to the interpretations is deep and inspired thanks to the combination of Ivan Linsís output and Eva Greenís expression. When one year ago I listened with all years to the record of Shirley Horn I was wondering whether any Polish artist would interpret his marvelous compositions? Maybe one or two. What I surprise! A real Lins sonbgook. His most famous pieces performer by an excellent Artist.

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Wasowski na Jazzowo

Eva Green - Wasowski na Jazzowo

A recording of a concert given in front of a live audience in Polish Radio Three Program in 1998 was published in 2008. The album contains songs written by Jerzy Wasowski and Jeremi Przybora - two legendary writers and creators of the most famous "Cabaret of Older Gentlemen" as well as countless numbers of great "standards" of Polish popular music. Eva sings two songs with index lyrics written especially for her by Jerzy Siemasz: "Simple Story" and "Kazhjioo, Please Fall in Love".

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Songs from the Heart

Eva Green - Songs from the Heart

Eva as jazz singer knows and sings hundreds of jazz standards. She feels comfortable in a variety of expressions of the genre. The music flows from her soul, it's the artist's tribute to the greatest American female jazz singers.

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