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Eva Green - biography

Jazz Diva, jazz singer famous for her genuine interpretation of jazz standards. She is a queen of jazz in the Latino convention. The critics have unanimously declared her record – 'Love Dance – Ivan Lins Songbook' the most interesting of this type on the Polish market.

She lived in America since her early youth. She started with playing the cello and then graduated from jazz department at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Having graduated in the 80s, Eva moved to Los Angeles, California, where she was very active on the music scene as a composer and a singer.

The Artist was regularly performing in jazz clubs, giving concerts with numerous American jazz stars. Among many others, those included: the late master of swing percussion Billy Higgins, long-standing accompanist to Sarah Vaughn – James Gaffney, pianist - Alan Broadbent, partners of the legendary Charlie Parker – percussionist Larance Marable and bassist - Larry Gales and many others. She performed during a number of prestigious music festivals such as: 'San Francisco Jazz Days 92', 'New Orleans Jazz Festival 93' and 'Santa Barbara Jazz Festival'.

Eva left Los Angeles and came to Poland because living under constant threat of earthquakes became too discouraging. After one of such especially severe earthquakes in 1994, she decided to settle on the Vistula. From the first moment of her stay in Poland, she has been working with the best jazzmen like: Włodzimierz Nahorny, Bogdan Hołownia, Krzysztof Herdzin and many others.

In 1998 Eva accomplished her long-planned project – she published a record, containing beautiful, but relatively unknown in Poland, songs of a Brazilian composer - Ivan Lins entitled 'Love Dance - Ivan Lins Songbook'. Piotr Iwicki wrote: 'This album could as well be entitled “From Love to Music”. Why? Everything, starting from compositions and ending on interpretation is creative, inspired and profound'. The artist is convincing with her genuine interpretation, which reflects the swinging character of the melancholic, Brazilian music.

Many outstanding Polish musicians such as Krzysztof Herdzin, Marek Napiórkowski, Wojtek Pulcyn, Grzegorz Grzyb, Piotr "Stork" Cieślikowski and Ryszard Borowski supported her in recording this brilliant album. This wonderful record with stirring Bossa Novas is an absolute novelty on the Polish market. Jazz radio stations in the US, playing the Latino music were broadcasting compositions from this album with great success.

In 1998 Eva and her husband – Piotr Cieslikowski, moved to Hollywood near Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a year. They immediately became best known artists of the local jazz scene. Eva was appearing unreserved with world-famous jazz stars. The famous Hammondist Doctor Lonnie Smith invited her to joint his performances in clubs in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale (O’Hara’s, Toni Bishop’s). Together with her husband and the pianist Dolph Castellano, known in Poland for his cooperation with Eryk Kulm, they join Duffy Jackson Quintet of one of the best contemporary big band percussionists - Duffy Jackson, who for many years had been playing in Count Basie's orchestra. The fruit of this cooperation was inviting Jackson to Poland and joint performances in the summer of 2001. In her own Latino project there was also room for a remarkably talented blind pianist Mike Gerber, the long-standing Jaco Pastorious’ partner in music. He also played with Michal Urbaniak and many other stars. With Gerber and her husband – Piotr, Eva performed during 'Lake Worth Painting Festival' and gave her own concert in prestigious Clematis Street Theatre in West Palm Beach.

After returning to Poland, under the maiden name Ewa Cybulska, the artist gave concerts promoting her new record with Lins's music. Then she performed during 'Jazz at the Old Town Square Festival 2000'.

For the past few years, she has been working with many outstanding Polish jazz representatives of older and younger generation - Wojciech Karolak, Kazimierz Jonkisz, Krzysztof Herdzin, Michał Tokaj and many others. She is a part of the 'Tribute to Billy Holiday' project, where she appears with Wojciech Karolak and his Trio. Together with Janusz Muniak she has perfomed 'Love Ballads'. Eva also gives concerts with Michał Tokaj dedicated to Theleonius Monk's artistic work.

In April 2006 Eva and her husband participated in a concert tour with famous master of swing interpretation of standards - Scott Hamilton, with whom she performed in Slovakia and Vienna.

Today, Eva is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of our artists, who really 'feels the blues', and specialises in Latino climate at the same time. Her rich repertoire oscillates from Brazilian Bossa Novas, through 'black' rhythms to seasoned interpretations of jazz standards in the best rendition. The Artist is also a vocal emission and jazz singing teacher. She has been carrying a long-standing educational activity in this field.

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